Climbing and Culture in Turkey: Part 1

Climbing in Turkey revolves around Antalya. When climbers think of Antalya, one name springs to mind: Geyikbayiri. To most climbers this is what puts Turkey on the climbing map. This is the hub of climbing in the country, with the highest concentration of routes and easy access. However, not exploring Turkey’s other offerings would be a mistake. Çitdibi and Olympos are both fantastic places to climb, easily done in a day trip from Geyikbayiri. There are also other areas spread throughout the country, such as Datça, Izmir and Bafa Gölü. One of our biggest regrets was not visiting Datça, which looks like a fantastic venue. We spent three months climbing, mostly based in Geyikbayiri and this will be the main focus of this article. Part 1 will concentrate purely on the climbing and crags, while part 2 will focus on culture, history and rest day activities.

Orange limestone wall of Sarkit sector dripping with tufas. Climber is half way up JaJa City.
Climbing the Awesome JaJa City, 7a+, sector Sarkit.
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Climbing in Cataluyna

The limestone Mecca. Even when passing through Cataluyna it is hard to ignore the bands of rock that surround you. A climber’s heaven where you are surrounded by a lifetime’s worth of quality single and multi-pitch sport climbing.

Views of Alt Urgell pre-pyreen mountains with bands of limestone in the background and lush green forests.
Climbing in Alt Urgell.

As well as excellent rock climbing and scenery Cataluyna is home to a rich, deep culture and history which you can feel if you spend any amount of time in the region.

The purpose of this article is to provide recommendations for places to climb that may not be on peoples radar when planning a trip to Catalunya. In total we have spent four months climbing here and had a fantastic time. We hope our experiences will be useful to people planning trips for the future.

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