We are a couple in our early twenties, who enjoy spending time outdoors and being active.

Travelling to areas, with different landscapes and cultures, to climb is what we enjoy most. We have no set plan, we try to be flexible and enjoy as many areas as possible. There is almost nowhere we wouldn’t like to visit!

Interested in most types of climbing, we have visited the French alps and the Dolomites for alpine adventures as well as testing ourselves on our hardest redpoints and boulders in classic destinations such as Margalef and Fontainbleau. We have also travelled to quieter parts of Europe in the Balkans, such as Bosnia & Herzegovina and Albania.

We created ‘The Crag Journal’ to document our journey and thoughts along the way. We hope to create articles which will be useful for other climbers and travellers.

Please have a look at our articles, we hope you enjoy them.