We are a couple in our mid twenties, who enjoy climbing, travelling and spending time in nature. For the past four years we have been lucky enough to visit lots of amazing places, many of which are under appreciated.

For us, the perfect balance involves both climbing and travel. Learning about different cultures, meeting new people and experiencing new things is just as important as going climbing, trying hard and pushing ourselves at the crag. We love climbing in of itself, but the places climbing takes you whilst travelling is what gives us the most memorable and rewarding experiences.

We started The Crag Journal in the hope that our trips and experiences would be useful to others planning their own trips. Many of the countries we’ve visited have very little information with regards to climbing and are not on the radar of most climbers. Despite this, the climbing is often excellent and the journey to get there can provide some authentic adventure.

We enjoy writing and reflecting on our trips, the blog is a labour of love and we hope our passion comes across in the posts. Whilst we have all sorts of tales we could tell, we try to keep the blog focused on what will be useful to others. After all, when you go on your own trip you will return with stories and experiences unique to you.

On our journey all we really follow are the seasons, but otherwise we have no plan and try to be as flexible as possible. Part of the pleasure is realising that nobody can ever see it all and a place can’t be ‘done’ or ‘ticked’. This is really a big positive, as it’s a guarantee you’ll never run out. With that in mind, we prioritise slow travel and spend a quality amount of time in a place in an attempt to get to know it.

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